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Children Slalom Open Cup.

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The competitions will take place on the 15th of July in the Gorky Park, Moscow
We welcome all the children aged up to 16 years. The level of training is no matter.

The Children Slalom Open Cup is a good opportunity for young slalom skaters to gain competition experience and to share it with peers from different cities and other countries. A competition program includes speed slalom and classic freestyle slalom competitions according to the WSSA rules

The classic freestyle slalom rules are simplified for the Children Cup:
-a 50s line is not necessary to run
-we won’t give penalties for the lack of tricks variety

We ask the competitors to fill the Registration Form

The estimated timetable of the competitions is:
10:00 Registration; trainings;
11:00 The Speed Slalom Competition;
12:30 The Freestyle Slalom Competition;
16:00 The Rewarding Ceremony.

Competitors are divided into the following groups:
The 1st group:
-Girls of the 2005-2007 years of birth;
-Boys of the 2005-2007 years of birth.
The 2nd group:
-Girls of the 2000-2004 years of birth;
-Boys of the 2000-2004 years of birth.
The 3rd group:
-Girls of the 1996-1999 years of birth;
-Boys of the 1996-1999 years of birth.

The organizers are:

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The Federation of Roller Sports
The skating school of the Federation of Roller Sports
The Moscow Sport Departmet
The Gorky Park

We are ready to answer your questions at Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. or by phones +7 926 811 44 04 (Anzhelika) and +7 916 119 74 22 (Vladimir)

You can find here information of the previous editions of the Children Slalom Open Cup (1 2 3 4)
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